Price Control Policy of Alauddin Khalji: Achievement or Failure

  • Humera Naz


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The current study is focused on to the introduction and evaluation of Price Control Policy of Allauddin Khalji. When he ascended the throne, the kingdom was in complete disorder. As a consequence of rising powers of the zamindars and the Mongol threat, trade and agriculture were paralyzed. This paper covers all these problems and tries to explore the causes of Allauddin Khalji’s Price Control Policy. The study also provide a comprehensive account of all steps taken for price control including fixation of prices of commodities, royal granaries, strict action on hoarders, strong espionage system, strict action on complaints, establishment of ‘Diwan-i-Riyasat’, and elimination of dallal (middleman). It particularly highlights major steps adopted for the successful implementation of the policy.

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