Politics in Balochistan

Nationalists, AIML, British and Congress, 1929-1947


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Politically, the region of Balochistan has always remained under the volatile situation. Scholars have different opinions regarding the political conditioning of Balochistan. The paper finds what type of political struggle was followed by the political authoritarians of Balochistan that brought political instability in Balochistan. In this regard, the main political actors have been dealt with. Such as the first and foremost was Khan of Kalat along with other nationalist leaders. On the other hand, there would be a discussion on the role and politics of the Muslim League. Apart from these two political actors, there would be a debate on the politics of Congress and the British in Balochistan. It has been tried to make the picture clear that political misery in Balochistan was brought by the main political elite of Balochistan.

Keywords: Politics, Nationalism, All India Muslim League, Indian National Congress, British policies, Power-struggle, History


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