Investigating the Difference between Novel and Film ‘Wuthering Heights’

An Ecranisation Theory

  • Sanober Gul Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University Shaheed Benazirabad - Pakistan
  • Tania Laghari Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Shaheed Benazirabad - Pakistan
  • Abdul Razzaque Lanjwani Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University Shaheed Benazirabad - Pakistan


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This research aimed to find out the differences between the novel and movie “Wuthering Heights”. The current study focuses on finding out the structural plot of novel “Wuthering Heights” and its movie adaption and the reduction, addition, and modification of novel into film “Wuthering Heights. Based on the changes between novel and film, the core problem of this research is to probe into the reduction, addition, and modification of novel into film. To achieve this end, a descriptive-qualitative methodology was used to analyze the ecranisation process in terms of plot, character, and setting that can be found in Wuthering Heights and its film adaptation. The results of the current study display that Wuthering Heights, as the structure of a novel could not be as same as the movie adaption. The movie adaption will surely show some main differences and additions in order to make it interesting for the audience. The data collections of this research are intrinsic elements of novel “Wuthering Heights” which is published in 1847 and the film “Wuthering heights” which is released in 2012. In addition, the writer found that reduction, addition, and modification influenced to the change of some intrinsic elements in both of fiction.

Keywords: Ecranisation, Structural Plot, Wuthering Heights Film, Wuthering Heights Novel


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