Evaluating the outcomes of four-year B. Ed program: A case study of Graduates of Public Sector University

  • Naila Siddiqua
  • Nighat Parveen
  • Muhammad Zakria Khan


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The purpose of the study was to evaluate the outcomes of four year B. Ed program with respect to the objectives set by NACTE for teacher education program. It was a dire need of the society to produce competent and skilled teacher to build up a world class education system that are sincere and dedicated to their profession. NACTE has been developed as an autonomous body to ensure the quality of education. A descriptive case study was designed to collect data qualitatively through interview protocol. Questions were designed on the basis of subsidiary objectives related to international standard for teachers, modified and skillful curriculum and practicality of content through practicum. Data was collected from twenty passed out graduates selected by snow ball sampling technique and analyzed by thematic approach. Findings indicate that despite little weaknesses most of the objectives of NACTE and USAID program have been achieved. The participants expressed their views that after completing this four year B. Ed program they are able to know the use of different teaching strategies and skills which are required for an internationally licensed teacher. It was recommended that content courses should be revised to meet the new challenges and assistance should be taken from the concerned department to improve the concept of the student for related subjects.

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Siddiqua, N., Parveen, N., & Khan, M. Z. (2019). Evaluating the outcomes of four-year B. Ed program: A case study of Graduates of Public Sector University. Journal of History and Social Sciences, 7(1). https://doi.org/10.46422/jhss.v7i1.58

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