Evaluating Brand Relationship Quality through Social Media Interaction

  • Zaibunnisa
  • Saima Rafique
  • Mubashir Ali Khan
  • Shahzad Anjum


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Social media (SM) usage has gained enormous popularity in recent times which has long lasting effects on people. There is a little research carried out within context of SM and brand relationship quality (BRQ). This study examined the influence of SM on consumer brand relationships among individuals who are active SM and brand users. Total 386 Survey questionnaires were disseminated to the sample population using simple random sampling method, of which 270 questionnaires were properly filled and were analyzed using SPSS program. Further the study revealed that SM is positively related to BRQ and showed significant results in context of our two hypotheses consumer engagement (p=0.000) and consumer purchase intention (p=0.000), whilst the third hypothesis of the study which is information showed insignificant results (p=0.168). The study contributes to research by recommending that BRQ can be further discussed extensively by using SM, keeping in mind different variables of the study.

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Zaibunnisa, Rafique, S., Khan, M. A., & Anjum, S. (2019). Evaluating Brand Relationship Quality through Social Media Interaction. Journal of History and Social Sciences, 9(2). https://doi.org/10.46422/jhss.v9i2.81