Felson and Cohens` Routine Activity Theory and Waves of Kidnapping in Nigeria

A Theoretical Exploration of Criminal Enterprise


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Kidnapping is a global issue that affects every aspect of human endeavour. This violent crime is linked to wide spread unemployment, poor governance, border insecurity, illegal possession of arms and ammunitions.  Kidnapping for ransom has consequences for global peace and security. In Nigeria, kidnapping creates apprehension in almost all spheres of human endeavors. It leads to loss of lives and properties, death, loss of investment, reduced educational standard and diversion of government from critical areas. The previous studies have not been able to deal with this area. To address inadequate literature on kidnapping and improve on the body of knowledge, this study addresses Marcus Felson routine activity and waves of kidnapping. The study adopts qualitative research method. Data was obtained secondarily through the content analysis of peer-reviewed journals, edited book chapters, newspaper reports and credible online sources. Findings show kidnappers who were the motivated offenders, adopted their victims because of adequate protection. The paper recommends adequate electronic security by government at all levels.  This paper will be significant to individuals, employers, security organizations, government at various levels, non-governmental organizations and researcher’s in the field of social and management sciences.

Keywords: Abduction, Criminality, Opportunities, Organized Crime, Security, Violence


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