Impact of Leader Self-Sacrifice on Team Affective Commitment

The Moderating Role of Leader Competence


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This study focused on why leader self-sacrifice has both positive and negative impacts, and it takes into account how leader competency affects these effects. It is grounded in social exchange theory and ego-depletion theory. With a questionnaire with 5 points Likert scale, 264 respondents were sampled. The data was initially analysed on SPSS for respondents and Descriptive analysis, rest validity, reliability, and Path coefficient was analysed on Smart PLS. The results suggested that Leader Self-Sacrifice (LSS) seems to have a significant and positive effect on both Team Effective Commitment to leader (TECL) and Leader Depletion (LD). TECL and LD in turn seem to positively affect LSS also seems to have a direct and positive effect on LOWB. The moderation analysis showed that Leader Competence (LC) seems to augment the effect of LSS on LD. This paper will help HR managers to decide while generating policies about team building and leadership development. Furthermore, this study is not focused on any particular industry; future research can be conducted on industries like banking, insurance sector, and hospitality sector as well.

Keywords: Commitment, Leader competence, Leader depletion, Leader self-sacrifice


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