Impact of Stress on Mental Health

Empirical Investigation from University Graduating Students in Nawabshah – Pakistan


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Around 10.7 % of the world population lives with a mental disorder, the most common mental disorders are anxiety and depression. It is estimated that out of 10.7%, around 3.9% live with anxiety, and 3.5 % suffer from depression. This study aimed to check the impact of stress on the mental health of university students in Nawabshah, Pakistan. Data was collected through an online questionnaire, and a sample of 302 students was selected through simple random sampling from three universities (SBBU, PUMHSW, QUEST) of Nawabshah. Students of master's programs at these universities were excluded. Data were analysed to check the relationship and impacts for which this study was conducted. Of 302 students, 130, 116, and 56 were from SBBU, PUMHSW, and QUEST, respectively; the male respondents were 196, and the female respondents were 106. The study found 13.7 per cent, 11.6 per cent, and 19.2 per cent of students with severe stress, severe anxiety, and severe depression, respectively. Moreover, 1.3 per cent, 30.1 per cent, and 11.6 per cent of students were suffering from extremely severe levels of stress, anxiety, and depression, respectively. Regarding mean scores of stress, anxiety, and depression, they fall under the categories of mild, moderate, and moderate, respectively.

Keywords: DASS, Mental health, Stress, University students, Well-being


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