Matrimony and Monarchy: The Failure of Bourbon-Habsburg Matrimonial Alliance

  • Samra Sarfraz Khan
  • Irum Iqbal Hussain


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The research paper titled “Matrimony and Monarchy: The Failure of Bourbon-Habsburg Matrimonial Alliance,” is an in depth study of the matrimonial alliance between the Bourbon and Habsburg dynasties through the marriage of Louis XIV; the King of France, with the Spanish hieress Maria Theresa. This matrimonial alliance, which was arranged to start a new era of Franco-Spanish relations in the seventeenth century, was one of the many similar examples that had been followed in state craft from the earliest times. The paper serves a two-fold purpose: to bring to light the unsuccessful nature of this marriage, and to probe the various reasons for which the alliance was a failure in the very quintessence of a marriage. The paper highlights the factors that contributed in not only keeping the matrimonial alliance into a contentious relationship between Maria Theresa and Louis XIV but also in causing a decline in the political ties between the French and Spanish kingdoms. The research paper, thus, caters to an aspect in the study of matrimonial alliances that remains largely unexplored.

Keywords: Matrimonial alliance, Bourbon, Hapsburg, monarch, expansion


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