Arab World in the Twentieth Century

Major Developments and Their Impacts

  • Nizar Ali Hunzai Department of History, International Islamic University Islamabad


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Twentieth century is the century of the enormous changes in the world historical timeline from the bloodletting world wars, nuclear proliferation, technological advancement, great depression, formation of world power blocks, capitalism, fascism, and communism to the rise of terrorism. On the other hand, the discovery of the hidden wealth of fossil fuels beneath the sandy deserts of the Arabian peninsula history of entire Middle East changed and  the new destiny of the history was determined meanwhile new political events in the global north and global south formulated a new historical time line in the Arab countries. From the deterioration of the Ottomans, emergence of Zionist movement, formation of the new Jewish state – Israel in the heart of the Muslim home land, the European colonization and de-colonization, Suez canal crisis, the Arab Israel wars and the conflict of Palestine are the major historical events of the twentieth century Arab world. The objective of this paper is to assess the significance of the historical events of the twentieth century in the Arabian Peninsula in order to highlight their impacts on the ongoing issues of the Middle East such as the Palestine issue, the Kurdish issue and Islamic militancy in the Middle East Syrian conflict etc.

Keywords: Zionism, Suez Canal crisis, Arab Israel war, cold war, fascism, great depression, power blogs, Balkans crisis, young Turks, genocide, world wars, gulf countries, Middle East, revolution, rebellions, the clash of civilization, Zionism, genocide, ottoman empire.


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