Corridor Politics: IMEC vs. BRI

Another Geopolitical Face-off in U.S.-China Rivalry

  • Arhama Siddiqa Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad


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In a rapidly changing global landscape shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ukrainian conflict, and the Palestinian crisis, heightened geopolitical tensions are pushing nations toward strategic alliances and economic collaborations. One such initiative, the "India – Middle East – Europe Corridor" (IMEC), has emerged as a potential alternative to China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), which plays a central role in China's global influence. The intensifying rivalry between the United States and China is a defining feature of contemporary geopolitics. IMEC's potential implementation could compel Middle Eastern nations to make strategic choices, particularly within specific industries, possibly hindering socioeconomic progress in the region. This research paper takes a neorealist perspective to analyse the U.S.-China rivalry and conducts a comparative analysis of BRI and IMEC and exploring whether the IMEC poses a challenge to the BRI within the global geopolitical and geo -economic context. Ultimately, the paper concludes that IMEC, especially against the backdrop of the 2023 Palestinian crisis, does not present a substantial threat to the BRI.

Keywords: IMEC, BRI, Gaza, China, Economy


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